Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My favorite shows and movies

Hello everyone. I'm here today talk about my favorite shows and movies that I watch on Netflix. I watch Netflix almost everyday and its a lot of shows I watch but, The Get Down  has to be my favorite one out of all of them. I like how its hip hop and how it shows the culture of how it was in the 70's which is when hip hop started. From the grafitti  art to the rap battles they had as well as dancing. Another series thats really good is American Horror Story. If you like horror shows I think your'e going to really like this series. I like that all 6 seasons have a different storyline and have a new cast as well.

My favorite movie has to be Friday which is directed by Ice cube, who was from NWA. It's a comedy and drama.Friday is part of a trilogy as it follows Friday,Next Friday,and Friday After Next. Friday is not on Netflix which sucks because I think that the the first one is the best one of all three.But they do have Friday After Next on Netflix and that was is good as well.You can buy the DVD or you can download it as well. I don't really watch movies on Netflix that much but when I do I like to look at mostly horror or comedy movies and if I get bored I watch Disney movies on there.